Thursday, July 1, 2010


The hole big Hawkins fam. took a trip to Disneyland this last January and it was so much fun. Katie was at the time absolutely abscessed with mickey mouse so it was perfect timing she didn't however like the fact that she wasn't the only princes in the place. Brig loved space mountain and when we asked Logan what his favorite part was he said the toys...... mmmm I think he liked more then that. but the hole trip for me was made on the last night when just me and Brig went out. we watched the firer works ( which where so beautiful) and just had our self a little date I loved it but I think we may have staid up just a little to late for Brig as you can see on his face in our picture.

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Sarah Williams said...

I haven't blog surfed in forever. Cute pics! Love your description of Chris too