Thursday, July 1, 2010


The hole big Hawkins fam. took a trip to Disneyland this last January and it was so much fun. Katie was at the time absolutely abscessed with mickey mouse so it was perfect timing she didn't however like the fact that she wasn't the only princes in the place. Brig loved space mountain and when we asked Logan what his favorite part was he said the toys...... mmmm I think he liked more then that. but the hole trip for me was made on the last night when just me and Brig went out. we watched the firer works ( which where so beautiful) and just had our self a little date I loved it but I think we may have staid up just a little to late for Brig as you can see on his face in our picture.

Chrismas 09

I think Christmas is so much more fun as a parent. There is nothing like seeing the excitement on your child's face come Christmas morning. Aside from Katie's bike that Kris had latterly spent 3 hours the night before putting it to gather only to have to find out that the day after Christmas we would have to take it back because it really didn't work that well. But it was all Worth it to see Katie's smile. The joy of another story to tell.

I don't really have a picture of it but for Christmas this last year Kris's family had a talent show. Logan wanted to sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas but had his own added word to the song and sang " We wish you a merry Christmas ear" over and over. we think his teacher when teaching him the song may have cupped her hand over her ear in order for them to sing louder and he thought she wanted them to say ear. Any how it was funny. Brig played the piano jingle bells I think but my favorite part was when he decided he wanted to bare his testimony. It was so beautiful and simple. it brought tears to my eyes I was so happy that he knew the things he said that he knew that Jesus loves him.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fall leaves

To me there is nothing like the smell of fall leaves. It brings me back to my child hood of growing up in Utah and Washington st. and playing in the leaves. we would rake the leaves into leaf piles and jump in them stuff our coats with them and pretend we were munchkins or we would just throw them up in the air.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's going to leave a mark

Logan kicked Katie in the head while he was swinging. I heard her crying and went out side only to see blood steaming sown Katie's face and Logan just swinging away. she's a tough girl with a high pain tolerance. as soon as i lifted her up she stopped crying as if nothing had happened and in my head i thought OK Katie but blood is still streaming down your face. sweet baby girl.


Brig requested a Lego birthday party. We had about 14 or 15 kids there and Kris had to work late so i was super happy that my sister in law Kira decided to say and help and she was a big help. In all reality I think this was probably the most fun we have ever had with a party the kids had a blast an d Brig seamed as if he was having the time of his life.
Brigs had his 6th birthday November 1st. Wow he is such an amazing kid i love him so much. I see so much of what I love about myself in him and that makes me feel special because he is such a remarkable boy. He is one of the few people in my life that i can laugh so hard with that i almost pee my pants and it doest even have to be that funny. The other day he slipped off of our ottoman and fell and the look on his face when he terned to look back at me sent us both into a roaring laugh and we didn't stop for a good 15 min.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Halloween was so much fun. My sister-in-law has always thrown the most crazy Halloween party and this year was no exception. My father-in-law hired my sister Kendra to take our pictures and she did amazing. I love her style. I had so much fun making Katie's costume this year. she was wounder woman and i think it fit her personality perfect. Kris was a halo guy. yeah I know figures right. Brig was Iron man and Logan was a Kitty Batman. Would you have expected anything different from him?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'll fill you in

So I thought that I had better get caught up on the past 3 months before I post my Halloween pics. and before the rest of the Holiday come so here we go.
I turned 28 Wow and the next day i notest my wrinkles on my forehead didn't go away when Irelaxed my face. Does that happen to everyone? please tell me it does. I thought great i got wrinkles on my forehead for my birthday. Kris's parents took all of there daughter and daughter-in-laws on a girls trip to St. Gorge to a place called Tai Pan to shop. It was the perfect Hawkins girls trip.It was so much fun and I have to say 3 days strait with my in-laws brought us close I in joyed every minute. Kris and I Had a much needed weekend away at the desert ridge resort. It was so much fun we sat buy the lazy river and I just laughed at all the moms with there kids as they chased them around the pool trying to get them to eat something or put sunscreen on or stop hitting there sister. It's much more funny to see from the out side looking in.
Katie got big or I guess I should say older. She still is only in the 7 percentile for her weight But she is a smart and funny little girl. She is our little mimic she will say anything you tell her to say or at least try her best and then she will clap when she thinks she has succeeded in doing so. She is my little mess maker. I really thought When i got my little girl that she would love to be clean ,love me to do her hair and sit nicely and color not tare the house apart but that is not Katie at all shes our little fire cracker or something like it. she definitely makes us laugh and she eats it up. She also loves to be in charge of her brothers Brig doesn't really let her but she she still tries and she definitely has Logan wrapped around he little finger. Sometimes Logan will be laying down to watch TV and she will just go and sit on him and if he tries to get up she will just push him back down and say no Logan. and he listens to her it is the funniest thing.

Brig and Logan had there first day of school. Logan is still not sure about the whole school thing But Brig loves it I am surprised that he still comes home from school and tells me how excited he is to go back tomorrow. Wow I never thought that would happen . He comes home and tells me the funniest things. He really thinks His teacher is all knowing I love it . Logan on the other hand can not understand why he cant just go to school and play on the playground the hole day it just doesn't make much since to him.